Landtran TL places safety, technology and the environment at the forefront of our core values. With trusted safety measures, advanced technology and environmentally conscious protocols, we are able to provided trusted transportation solutions to clients across Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

It is our Mission: To provide our customers outstanding services anywhere in North America at competitive terms. We are committed to meeting the customers expectations for quality and standards of safety and environment protection.

Safety First and Foremost

As part of our commitment to excellence, LandtranTL incorporates safe practices and policies into every level of our organization. Reducing risk on and off the roads is our mantra, and we invest in the people and technology to make our safety program best-in-class.

We are proud to maintain memberships with many provincial and territorial professional associations, continuously meeting or exceeding all legislative and industry standards within the Landtran Group of Companies.

Our companies hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR), which recognizes a superior level of roadway and workplace safety performance.

            Certificate of Recognition


Technology Delivers Service Excellence

We believe that technology is a critical component of our success. We invest in specialized online track and trace programs and advanced GPS telematics to create efficiencies for our clients and improve the safety of our staff.

 Advanced Satellite TrackingTransportation Management Systems

Our satellite tracking systems allow us to communicate with our drivers in real-time. Clients benefit from real-time shipment tracking, electronic dispatch, e-logs, in-cab scanning, compliance and billing information through our Transportation Management Systems (TMS).


An Environmental Leader

LandtranTL and the Landtran Group of Companies have signaled our commitment to operate in the most efficient and green-friendly way.  We are committed to reducing fuel costs and emissions, and we invest in technology that allows us to maximize routes and monitor idle times.
We also recognize that new technology is cleaner so our fleet of vehicles are less than four years old.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by following environmentally conscious policies and practices.