History is important to us.  It represents how we’ve grown, the things we’ve learned, and the experience we bring to the table.  Landtran Systems has a history dating back to the 1930s, and from our humble beginnings, we are proud to have grown into one of Western Canada’s leading carriers.

In the 1930s John Assman Sr. gets his start in the trucking business, hauling beer in the Prince George, British Columbia area for Karl Anderson. In 1958 he went on to purchases Anderson’s business and renames it Prince George Warehousing Co. Ltd. Early in 1971 John’s son Herb takes over operations.  Herb grew the business over the next two decades, expanding into warehousing and distribution. In 1978 Herb and Elie Musa begin general freight service between Prince George and Vancouver under the name of Northern Interior Fastfrate Ltd.  They would grow this company to serve all of Northern British Columbia, with hub terminals in Edmonton and Vancouver. 1988 Herb’s son John Assman Jr. becomes an integral part of business operations as Chief Operating Officer, eventually taking over the position of President and C.E.O. In 1990 Prince George Warehousing purchases Byers Transport Ltd. and Monarch Transport from Laidlaw, adding their huge base of operations across British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.  Prince George Warehousing would eventually be renamed Landtran Systems Inc. In 1998 Landtran Systems establishes Pacific Coast Express Limited to expand LTL and distribution services to and from California, Oregon and Washington back into Western Canada. 1997 Landtran Systems establishes another new company, Continental Cartage Inc., to expand into flat deck services.  The company adds a heavy haul component to the Assman’s family’s roster of companies. A joint venture company with the Tli Cho (Dogrib) Nation in the Northwest Territories was next to be established.  The company was named Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. and created to provide service to and from the growing mining and industrial complexes in the Northwest Territories.  This business unit was subsequently sold in 2016 and a new venture with the Yellowknives Dene formed Deton Cho Landtran Transport Ltd.1998 Landtran Systems establishes Landtran Logistics Inc., which originally involved the distribution of beer in Northern British Columbia.  The company quickly grows into warehousing and dedicated distribution serving all of Western Canada. 2017 Landtran Systems acquires assets from a bankruptcy and establishes Northwoods Oilfield Hauling Limited in Grande Prairie for frac sand and cement hauling.

AND Today: Further growth, acquisitions and sales of divisions have continued to date and has made Landtran Systems one of the top 100 trucking companies in Canada.  We are excited about the future! OUR CURRENT LINEUP….

CONTINENTAL CARTAGE INC. Transporting the heavy loads, Continental Cartage is a flat deck, heavy haul and specialized commodity expert servicing all points in Canada and the United States.  Continental Cartage provides complete transportation solutions for primary and secondary Industry, including hot shot and pilot car service, inter-city cartage, tractor service and contract hauling.  In addition to these services, Continental Cartage is the southern arm of Deton Cho Landtran Transport Ltd., coordinating shipments to Canada’s North.

MONARCH TRANSPORT (1975) LTD. Monarch Transport is the International TL division of the Landtran Group.  The company has strategically located offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Armstrong, Prince George and Toronto, which handle all shipping requirements to points within Canada, the United States and Mexico.  Monarch operates several specific business units, each with an extensive range of equipment that helps to set them apart in the transportation and logistics market.

DETON CHO LANDTRAN TRANSPORT LTD. Deton Cho Landtran Transport is based in Yellowknife and is a preferred certified carrier for northern diamond mines, and pioneers of Canadian ice road travel and construction.  A partnership between the Yellowknives Dene Nation and Landtran Systems Inc., Deton Cho Landtran offers a range of transportation services including ice road construction, freight management, air expediting arrangements and rock quarry services.


LANDTRANTL :  Landtran Truck Load Group (Landtran TL) is a powerful network of five companies untied by a common vision for providing safe, reliable transportation throughout North America. No matter the size or destination of our customers’ cargo, we provide timely delivery and peace of mind. Our divisions have earned an unmatched reputation for reliability and continental-wide reach, but where we differentiate ourselves is through our commitment to safety and stewardship. We offer clients full-scope transportation solutions. We are an industry leader in truckload, less-than-truckload, heavy haul and specialized commodity transport.


LANDTRAN LOGISTICS INC. Landtran Logistics provides warehousing, dedicated delivery, distribution and transportation management services throughout Western Canada.  Their capabilities extend to LTL, TL, Intermodal, Rail, Air and Marine shipments, and custom services.  Using industry-leading technology and processes, Landtran Logistics is able to provide customers with cost-effective distribution solutions and a range of value-added services.

PACIFIC COAST EXPRESS LIMITED. Pacific Coast Express is primarily focused on International LTL moving between all points in Western Canada, the western United States and major centers in Mexico.  With C-TPAT, F.A.S.T. and C.S.A. Customs Certifications, they are able to offer expedited, hassle-free border crossings, including hazardous material shipments.

NORTHWOODS OILFIELD HAULING LTD. Headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Northwoods’ specializes in Proppant and Access Matting logistics.